How To Get More Points (E.g Level 97)

Level 97 in Candy Crush Saga is a tricky one…

You’ll need to deal with the timebombs as well as get 100,000 points in 25 moves.

Here’s a few tips for winning that level:

1) Refresh the board until you get a good setup for wrapped candies.

2) Wrapped candies give the most points. Try to combo wrapped candies with other special candies. Wrapped + Wrapped gives the most points.

3) If wrapped candies aren’t available, your next best bet is to clear the time bombs. They give about 3000 points each explosion.

4) Don’t forget the timer on the time bombs!

Be patient and don’t give up!

12 thoughts on “How To Get More Points (E.g Level 97)

  1. debby

    So, using my Droid phone, how do I refresh and why do I sometimes loose lives when I don’t initially accept them? Very frustrating

  2. joanne ebert

    ive been on level 100 and 101 for weeks spending all kinds of money very unfair does not let u useall ur moves so wrong just wants u to spend more money ive had it

  3. Lynn

    I hate level 135. Can someone show me how to make the candywapers.. I know what it take but is there something specific to look for in completing this level???? HELP READY TO QUITE!!

  4. Caroline

    I am stuck on Level 65, i am wondering if people whoever pass this level are they buying something?we have to buy?


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