How To Deal With Licorice In Candy Crush (Level 80 Onwards)

From level 80 onwards you’ll have to deal with these buggers…


These black sweets can “fall” like normal sweets and is destroyed when a match is made (by you, or as a consequence of one of your moves) next to it from any side.

They also can be moved. You can also swap them (naturally it has to be with a sweet, which then makes a valid move).

However it differs from normal sweets in two regards:

1) It can’t make groups of three (or more, etc) – so it’s like an unmatchable sweet. What this means is you can’t make three Liquorice in a row since it isn’t a valid combo.

2) It stops the effects of special candies such as the striped candy or wrapped candy. Blast and it will hit the first liquorice it meets and then stop.

3)Sweets (or other liquorice) beyond the first will stay as they are … this makes it quite hard to clear large numbers of licorice and restricts some of your combos.

There are 2 ways to get rid of these obstacles. Try and playing near it so it gets removed.


Combine 2 Rainbow candies (5 in a row) and it will clear all of the licorice. Although getting two of these, AND next to each other, (as you can’t move them!), is a real challenge!

Hope this helps!


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2 thoughts on “How To Deal With Licorice In Candy Crush (Level 80 Onwards)

  1. sallyd davis

    i have been on level 201 for a month and cant get any further i was on this game when it first came out and have spent a lot of time on here plus ive bought things to help me out which helped me but now i cant afford to pay anymore can you send me some freebies please to help me


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