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"Discover How An Ex-Candy Crush Loser Went From Level 6 To 155 With A Few Simple Techniques."

Never Spend A Dime On Lives Again- Breakthrough Candy Crush Guide Shows You Simple And Easy Leveling Techniques That Even The Pros Don't Know!

From: Khai
RE: A Candy Crush Guide For Novices?

Dear Candy Crusher,

I'm sure by now you are sick of watching your friends climb further and further up the Candy Crush ladder while you're still stuck at level 45. You might be wondering... what kind of magic guide are they reading that lets them win so fast?

Or even felt like deleting the game from your phone because you've tried for so long but still haven't been able to pass to the next level.


Ask yourself- Have you ever experienced any of these situations before?

  1. Feeling extremely frustrated for spending more than 30 lives just to pass one level...
  2. Feeling embarassed for having to ask for lives from your friend for the umptheen time...
  3. Feeling like throwing your phone on the floor because you had one jelly left to clear but ran out of moves...
  4. Feeling sick everytime you hear or see chocolates because they keep growing into your face everytime you try to make a move (even if you love chocs)...


If you've answered YES to any of these situations... I know EXACTLY how you feel.



The Fact Is This-

90% of players will never get past level 150,

...simply because no one has taught them how!


I too, had to learn it the hard way. I started playing Candy Crush a few months ago while I was travelling in Asia. It puzzled me as to why everyone was playing it on the trains so I had to give it a go myself.

Once I started, I instantly got addicted to it. I would play day and night and constantly bug my friends to send me lives because I ran out of lives so quickly. I wasn't the only one too, of course. My friends were equally as hooked and we were competing daily to see who could get to the next level faster.


Things Got Worse...



Wanting to beat my friends so badly, I resorted to buying Boosters, Moves and Lives through the app store. I went from spending a couple of measly bucks to hundreds of dollars... Just so I could beat my friends!

It came to the point that I was so fed up of the game because despite spending so much cash on boosters I found myself still stuck on level 53.

...Enough was enough.

I told myself that I would do everything it took me to master the secrets of levelling in Candy Crush.

I went to every single friend who was in the high levels and literally forced them to tell me their secrets of levelling.

I soon realized that every different person had that one "special technique" that helped them to succeed in Candy Crush.

I took down tons of notes, combined the strategies I learnt and started applying them. I jotted down what worked and what didn't. It felt like a college experiment all over again. And as I stared to applying the secrets of each of my friends, I started to noticed something magical...

I started levelling fast...

I knew I was on to something amazing. In a short span of a few days, I was able to go from level 53 to 155! And it didn't involve any form of cheat or hack, just plain old gaming strategies!

The friends whom I asked earlier started noticing me. They wondered how was I able to climb the Candy Crush ladder so quickly, whether I was using some cheat or suddenly had a windfall and was able to buy a ton of boosters and lives.

I smiled to myself and told them I had my "little own secrets".

Here's where I am now ;)


But here's the real kicker...

There Is No Real "Secret" To Winning Candy Crush.


And you certainly don't need to spend ridiculous amounts of money buying lives and boosters.

What you DO need is the Solid Fundamentals, and a little bit of "ninja techniques"

The problem with most players is... Without the proper fundamentals, they expect to win the game easily.

It's like flying a plane without proper training or a manual.

And I can promise you that If you don't grasp the proper techniques to playing Candy Crush, you've essentially signed yourself up for a lifetime of buying lives, moves and boosters!


I Don't Want This To Happen To You...

For the longest time, I have been keeping my log of Candy Crush techniques to myself. Because I didn't want it to fall into the hands of my greedy friends.

But I realized that the information in the guide was too important not to share! It's because I feel so emotionally charged about people spending tons and tons of money in the app store.

I've spent so much money in the past, and that I don't want anybody to spend a single cent on lives or boosters anymore!

And so... I decided to share my techniques with you today...


Candy Crushin' 101

A Novice's Guide To Crushin' Candies

Candy Crushin 101 is the Novice's essential handbook to playing Candy Crush. It's an all-in-one guide to helping you overcome difficult levels, saving lives and becoming a better Candy Crush Player.

  • 35+ Pages of Rock Solid Candy Crush Fundamentals To Turn You Into A Candy Crushing Machine!
  • Introduction And Tutorial On Accomplishing Various Missions In Candy Crush so that you'll never get lost on any level again!
  • How To Create And Use Special Candies To Crush Through Levels Easily!
  • Specific Tips For Overcoming The Toughest Levels Between Levelss 1-155 so that you'll never get stuck again!
  • Ninja Techniques To Help You Save Lives so that you'll never have to pay a single cent in the app store again!
  • A Special Section On The Candy Crush Mindset To Help You Conquer This Game Mentally! (No one else will teach you this)

Hundreds are benefiting from the treasure trove of information in this guide right now!



5 Reasons Why You Should Invest

In Candy Crushin' 101!

You Save Time from having to spend hundreds of hours trying to pass any level


You Save Money by Not Having To Spend Hundreds Of Dollars On Lives, Boosters And Charms!

Your friends will start to ask you what is your secret to leveling super quickly :)

Consider this... You'll be doing yourself a favour by saving so much time and money on boosters and charms that you can go out and buy yourself a good steak dinner ;) (you certainly deserve it!)

Not to mention, you'll soon by one of the top Candy Crush Players among your friends!


How Much Will This Cost You?

Like I said, the information is this guide is TOO Valuable not to release. So I have no intention of charging exhorbitant amounts of money for something this important.

So for a limited time only, Candy Crushin' 101 is going for a special price of

Not to mention, the hundreds of dollars you'll be saving on buying lives, boosters and charms!

Ask yourself... What is $5 bucks worth to you? Certainly a pittance compared to the amount of time and money you've been spending trying to advance in Candy Crush!

You owe it to yourself to at least check it out! (it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee)


(Please note: The product you'll be getting is a digital e-book. After purchase, you will be instantly sent to the download area where you can access your e-book. Your time is precious that's why I arranged for it to be a digital download for your perusal)

Hurry! I don't know how long I can keep this special guide up here because I'm sure that almost every gamer will want to get their hands on it! So Act Now!

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Who will benefit most from this guide?

If you are a beginner or a Novice at Candy Crush, this guide will definitely help you grasp the basic concepts and fundamentals on the game. It is highly recommended that you get this guide if you are below level 155. Many time people dive straight into the game without the basics and they end up wasting tons of lives.

2) I'm level 137... Will this guide still be useful for me?

Absolutely! The concepts taught in this guide are evergreen and will benefit you even in the later stages of Candy Crush. These basic concepts will go a long way to helping you save lives and money :)

3) How can I access this product?

Upon successful purchase, you will instantly be taken to the downloads area where you can access your Candy Crushin' 101 E-book. Yes, the product is a digital e-book because I know your time is precious and I want to give you instant access to this treasure trove of information

4) Will this help be get unstuck on my level?

Aside from the core techniques of Candy Crush, inside this guide there are specific tips for dealing with some of the toughest levels below level 155.

5) What if I still want a refund?

No problem, our product is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee. Just shoot us an email and you'll get a full refund. No questions asked. Our customers ALWAYS come first. So essentially, you have nothing to lose, but all to gain!

Candy Crushin 101' is a MUST have if you are desperately struggling to pass the earlier levels of Candy Crush! It has certainly helped me tons! Thanks Khai!

Ying Wong

I thought I was good because I was at level 140. But the information in this guide is evergreen! It can be applied to ANY level in Candy Crush!

Diane Lindsey

For $5 bucks this guide is definitely a steal! I don't know why Khai isn't selling this for 10x the price!

Edmund T.


But That's not all...


Not Forgetting... Our Solid Money Back Guarantee!

Still not satisfied after reading all that powerful Candy Crush content? Just drop an email to and you'll get a FULL refund. NO QUESTONS ASKED!


Grab it now!

Get instant access right now.

Yes! Please give me instant access to Candy Crushin 101'. I understand that for ONLY $4.99 I will get:
  • Instant Access To The Candy Crushin' 101 Ebook
  • 37 Pages Of Rock Solid Candy Crushing Fundamentals And Techniques
  • Loads Of Content To Help Me Power Through Levels And Save Lives
  • Stellar Email Customer Support To Solve Any Payment Issues!

(Please note: The product you'll be getting is a digital e-book. After purchase, you will be instantly sent to the download area where you can access your e-book. Your time is precious that's why I arranged for it to be a digital download for your perusal)

Side note: I realized that some people were not able to find the download page after purchase. I did test and its actually because you need to press "go back to purchase" after you purchase :) But no worries, if you still can't find it, drop me an email at


To Your Candy Crushin' Success,

P.S. Remember, if you are sick of buying lives from the app store, its time you showed those greedy, money sucking guys whose boss! Take matters into your own hands!

P.S.S Isn't time you overtook all your boastful friends who think they are so damn good at Candy Crush?



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