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Are You Making These “Life-Wasting” Candy Crush Mistakes?

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I often follow the flashing prompts that appear on the screen.




Candy Crush Tips For Beginners

Here are some candy crush tips to help you improve your game!

1) Sync your devices before starting – Computer, Iphone and Ipad. Then you can use 15 lives instead of 5 to pass the stage.

2) Know all about the special candies and use them to your advantage

3) Chocolate is your enemy. Get rid of them if you can as they will grow in numbers with each move you make.

4) Aim to get 5 in a row to have the rainbow candy which can help you pass difficult levels.

5) Combine special candies for some massive candy crushing effect.


What do you think of these Candy Crush Tips? Are they helpful?

Candy Crush Tips For Intermediate Players

How bout some Candy Crush Tips For Novices?

1) Dealing with walls – as level get higher, the wall will get thicker and thicker.You would need to combine candies beside the walls to break/ decompose them away. It would always best to break the walls to get more space to make more special candies. In higher levels, bomb candies are quite effective against walls because of double detonation effect.

2) Dealing with chocolates – Chocolate will expand every move you take. The common misconception is that you have to be fast if not, your whole map will be filled with chocolate. That’s wrong. Don’t rush and take your time. If you don’t move, it won’t expand. You can break the chocolate by combining candies beside the chocolate or using striped candies. Striped candies effect tend to break chocolate as the effect expands into 3 lines. You can stop the chocolate from expanding when you actually break all the chocolates. But, at higher level, it is impossible to stop chocolate completely because there is a chocolate making machine. Therefore it makes sense to rush for it.

3) Time bombs – Similar to chocolate, the time bomb’s time will reduced by 1 every time you move. However, time bomb is a very dangerous obstacle because when it booms, the game is over. So, always give priority to clearing bomb first but don’t forget about the challenge objective and always be aware of bomb timing.

I hope these Candy Crush Tips Have Been useful!

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